Forest Friends


Today’s theme is forest friends! Well, it started out as a bear lunch but I couldn’t resist these two little picks so I had to use them. Forest friends it is! I have also been looking for a “friends” type of theme because I’ve recently become a part of Bento Bloggers and Friends. Check it out! We post great giveaways.

Sandwich Triple-stacked PB&J bears. I managed to get them triple stacked by cutting three pieces of the bear out of two slices of bread and then spreading the pb&j. I really wish the stamp on the bears would’ve shown up better, so I actually filled them in with some sprinkles and a marker.
Sides Green grape flower with a raspberry center; Kiwi cut up into medallion… in retrospect, I wish I had made them flower shaped so the tree didn’t just look like a great big circle!
Also included (not pictured) A yogurt and a nectarine.

Today I used:

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