Sandwich Sushi, Take 2


I don’t usually do bentos on Tuesdays anymore, but I had a request for a sushi bento (either with real sushi or sandwich sushi, the kiddo left it up to me) and since I didn’t have real sushi stuff on hand, I went ahead and did sandwich sushi. I’ve made a sandwich sushi lunch for her before but this time I varied it a little bit by ┬ácovering the “california rolls” in natural fruit roll ups. There was a specific request for “ebi nigiri” too, so I got a chance to put them in too!

Sandwich(es) California rolls are made in the same way that sandwich cupcakes are made and then covered with fruit roll ups (natural variety) as skin. The pink and green filling inside is made out of a pink and green sunflower seed. The ebi nigiri is made out of PB&Jam sandwiches topped with orange slices and held together with fruit roll up. The tails are food picks.
Side Today’s side is just a little green tea jelly candy — my cousin gifted us a beautiful box of gorgeous Japanese candy and this was in the box and happened to look like wasabi. Not pictured, I also put in some fresh pears in her lunchbox as she has declared she loves pears ­čÖé

Today I used:

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