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A Toy Story Bento

A Toy Story Bento | OneCraftyThing.com
In this lunch:

Today, the kiddo asked what she was going to get for a special lunch and I decided to surprise her. Truth was, I had absolutely NO idea what to do. I was inspiration-less! And suddenly I looked into the toy, um, pile and saw a Mr. Potato Head sticking out. And so this lunch was inspired by my kiddos’ mess. At least it’s good for something!

Main PB&J sandwich with PB as on the face as well. The black parts (mustache, eyebrows, pupils) are all pieces of blueberries except for the bowler hat (that was wilton dough). Ears were slices of mandarins and eyes were made up of bread. The mouth was a small piece of raspberry.
Sides A green alien kiwi. I used a full kiwi and held it in place with the silicone cup. The ears are cut up pieces of kiwi (with the skin on, for rigidity) and the little antenna on his head is a piece of kiwi topped with a skinned blueberry on top. In the next compartment, some Pirate Booty with cheddar stars.
Also Included but not Pictured Yogurt and a string cheese.

Today, I used: