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Back to School Koala Bento


It’s back to school time and this week’s lunch is back-to-school themed. It’s been a short/long summer, full of ups and downs, but thankfully we’re back on a set schedule now that school is in (we’re soooo much better with a set schedule AND I’m so much more dedicated to lunch during the school year!) The kiddo is in second grade now (as you can see!) and I gave her the choice of “regular” lunches or “pretty” lunches. She adamantly said: “PRETTY ONES!” So here we go again!

Main PB&J sandwich. Cheated a bit on the Koala’s backpack 😉 as I made it out of edible dough, but it worked out really well!
Sides Green grapes, blueberries and a bus-shaped cantaloupe wedge
Also included but not pictured Yogurt

Today I used:

On the Road Bento


Today’s bento is On the Road themed 🙂 Transportation is on my mind lately because my city’s roads are being all re-done and the city figures that the best way to do it is all at the same time :-/ which for me is totally inconvenient, as going somewhere usually takes twice as long because of all the stops. Traffic gripes aside, here’s the bento!

Main PB&J sandwiches, stacked two up
Sides Mandarins, string cheese, black grapes, and three M&Ms
Also included (but not pictured) yogurt

Today I used: