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The Day After Grammar Day Bento: Conjunction Junction

Conjunction Junction Bento | OneCraftyThing.com

Yesterday, it was National Grammar Day. It’s a nerd-like-me’s dream day! Unfortunately, I had to leave my house super early yesterday and had to work the night before, so I didn’t get a chance to make a Grammar Day lunch for the kiddo. So today I made up for it. It’s sad that it won’t be for Grammar Day… but then again, grammar is good all year round šŸ™‚

In this lunch:

MainĀ Ā PB& J AND cream cheese mini sandwiches (see the conjunction?) with cheddar cheese words
SidesĀ Carved banana with the Conjunction Junction engineer on it, kiwi go sign and a couple of mandarins
Also Included but not Pictured Yogurt and a string cheese

Today, I used:

An Advent Bento: 9 Days until Christmas!

An Advent Bento: 9 Days until Christmas | OneCraftyThing.com

Time for another installment of the AdventĀ bentos!Ā After yesterday’s debacle and not getting it together (lunch money was given), I had a little more time today to make an Advent lunch. It was simple, quick but I think the kiddo will like it, given that she’s been asking for a special treat in her lunch for a bit now.

And today’s advent surprise? Mini candy canes!

An Advent Bento: 9 Days until Christmas | OneCraftyThing.com

MainĀ PB&Jam triple stacked tree with blue sixlets for ornaments and (a bit hard to see) snowflakes.
Sides AĀ mandarin orange on the bottom and a carved apple on top with large non-pareils for snowflake-y accents and two mini candy canes.
Also included but not picturedĀ Graham crackers and yogurt

Today I used:

Back to School Koala Bento


It’s back to school time and this week’s lunch is back-to-school themed. It’s been a short/long summer, full of ups and downs, but thankfully we’re back on a set schedule now that school is in (we’re soooo much better with a set schedule AND I’m so much more dedicated to lunch during the school year!) The kiddo is in second grade now (as you can see!) and I gave her the choice of “regular” lunches or “pretty” lunches. She adamantly said: “PRETTY ONES!” So here we go again!

MainĀ PB&J sandwich. Cheated a bit on the Koala’s backpack šŸ˜‰ as I made it out of edible dough, but it worked out really well!
SidesĀ Green grapes, blueberries and a bus-shaped cantaloupe wedge
Also included but not picturedĀ Yogurt

Today I used:

First Day of School Bento


For some reason, I wasn’t super psyched for the beginning of the school year which is really odd because I love first days of school. It might be just because I’m still coming off of our month in Italy and had a week to recover. Anyhow, we did do first day pics, first day drop off, etc. and today, of course, first day of bento for the school year! I kept it simple because even though we had this huge trip to Costco a couple of days ago, we seemed to have forgotten to buy bread (!) Luckily, I had a frozen loaf of bread and some slices were saved for school lunch!

Sandwich PB& Strawberry Jam (we make our own!) in the shape of an apple (ok it was a pumpkin but I kinda fiddled around with it till it looked like an apple). Pretzel stem.
Sides Laughing cow Mozarella, dried cherries, and three little ABC gummies
Not Pictured Fruit salad (blueberries, strawberries and grapes), yogurt

Today I used:

Super Mario Bento


Admittedly, I sometimes make bentos that amuse me more than they amuse the kiddo. I mean it’s not like she doesn’t think they’re cute, but she doesn’t actually play Super Mario Brothers (she’s maybe played it once or twice), so these are mostly cutesy looking snacks and not the stuff of her childhood (although they are very much mine!). I would’ve made Mario but I kinda liked these little items instead.

Snacky Things Laughing Cow cheese, cherries, pita chips and cheddar stars. I added extra pita chips in another container because after I took the picture I figured the cheese-to-chip ratio was crazy in this one!

Today I used:

The Second Day of Spring Bento

2nd Day of Spring

Yesterday was the first day of spring but I never do bentos on Wednesdays, so today I made a spring flower bento. I’ve made a few before and will certainly make more– flowers are just so versatile!

And the details:

Sandwich PB&J as always. I’m trying to get out of this rut, I SWEAR! I try other stuff but we always go back to this because it is requested… also, it’s the only thing that isn’t constantly sent back uneaten. Maybe I should just come to terms? LOL. The flower middle is a cantaloupe ball on top of a pink flower food divider.
Sides Under the green grape flower is kiwi and a cantaloupe ball. Also, on top of the yellow flower food divider, another tiny cantaloupe ball. One of the little containers has pistachios in it and the other, yogurt covered raisins.

Today I used:

Phineas and Perry!

I’ve been wanting to do a Phineas and Ferb bento for a while now, since my kiddos are big fans of P&F. For this one, I tackled Phineas and Perry the platypus.

For this bento, I did a little experiment and found out you can actually microwave a candy corn pumpkin and it becomes pliable enough to shape into a platypus beak! Just a little tip — don’t overheat the candy because it becomes MOLTEN CANDY LAVA inside and will tear the top three layers of your fingertips off as soon as you try to touch it. I’m amazed I still have fingerprints. Apparently, the difference between clay-like candy corn and Mt. St. Candy Corn Pumpkin is merely seconds. The first (and most painful) time I microwaved it, I did it for 10 seconds. Yeouch! The second time I did it for 5 and it was still too hard. Third time was a charm at 7 seconds and was much easier to handle at that point being a little hotter than warm and not fire-pits-of-Hell hot. Microwave times may vary, though, according to your microwave.

Sandwich Back to PB& Jam (Peach this time!) on whole wheat. Unfortunately, my grilled cheese Dr. Seuss was a bust for the kiddo. She just didn’t like cold grilled cheese. I don’t blame her. Hair is cheddar cheese (enhanced with some food marker); eyes are two white melting wafers with blue mini-m&ms.
Side Dried blueberries with shaped white melting wafers for the eyes (topped with brown mini M&Ms) and a re-shaped candy corn pumpkin for the beak šŸ˜‰

I also thought it would be fun to show you the sketches I make to plan out my bentos (sorry for the funky colors, it’s a quick phone shot).

Today I used:

Gung Hay Fat Choy!


A Chinese New Year’s bento! This coming Sunday is the Chinese New Year, so I wanted something that was both a little treat and a little healthy.

Sandwich (Head)Ā PB& blackberry jam; all white parts are marshmallows cut with a cloud shapped cutter; eyes are green jelly Lifesavers with green M&Ms inside, topped with fruit leather eyes (also with black circle sprinkle and non-pareil eye highlight); nose is a Now & Later fruit chew, the nostrils are (American) Smarties with red fruit leather; whiskers are part of a blue sour belt; red tongue/lips/etc. are fruit leather.
SidesĀ (Body) Mandarin oranges with grapes.
Extras (not pictured) a banana and yogurt

A Quickie Bento

A quickie bento today šŸ™‚ I wanted to see how many bento ā€œutensilsā€ I could use in Ā a lunch so here, I have used food picks, a sandwich cutter, and face punches. The teeny weeny squares are pb&j sandwiches and the green grapes have soy paper eyes and mouths. Behind the grapes are dried blueberries.