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First Day of School Bento


For some reason, I wasn’t super psyched for the beginning of the school year which is really odd because I love first days of school. It might be just because I’m still coming off of our month in Italy and had a week to recover. Anyhow, we did do first day pics, first day drop off, etc. and today, of course, first day of bento for the school year! I kept it simple because even though we had this huge trip to Costco a couple of days ago, we seemed to have forgotten to buy bread (!) Luckily, I had a frozen loaf of bread and some slices were saved for school lunch!

Sandwich PB& Strawberry Jam (we make our own!) in the shape of an apple (ok it was a pumpkin but I kinda fiddled around with it till it looked like an apple). Pretzel stem.
Sides Laughing cow Mozarella, dried cherries, and three little ABC gummies
Not Pictured Fruit salad (blueberries, strawberries and grapes), yogurt

Today I used: