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Phineas and Perry!

I’ve been wanting to do a Phineas and Ferb bento for a while now, since my kiddos are big fans of P&F. For this one, I tackled Phineas and Perry the platypus.

For this bento, I did a little experiment and found out you can actually microwave a candy corn pumpkin and it becomes pliable enough to shape into a platypus beak! Just a little tip — don’t overheat the candy because it becomes MOLTEN CANDY LAVA inside and will tear the top three layers of your fingertips off as soon as you try to touch it. I’m amazed I still have fingerprints. Apparently, the difference between clay-like candy corn and Mt. St. Candy Corn Pumpkin is merely seconds. The first (and most painful) time I microwaved it, I did it for 10 seconds. Yeouch! The second time I did it for 5 and it was still too hard. Third time was a charm at 7 seconds and was much easier to handle at that point being a little hotter than warm and not fire-pits-of-Hell hot. Microwave times may vary, though, according to your microwave.

Sandwich Back to PB& Jam (Peach this time!) on whole wheat. Unfortunately, my grilled cheese Dr. Seuss was a bust for the kiddo. She just didn’t like cold grilled cheese. I don’t blame her. Hair is cheddar cheese (enhanced with some food marker); eyes are two white melting wafers with blue mini-m&ms.
Side Dried blueberries with shaped white melting wafers for the eyes (topped with brown mini M&Ms) and a re-shaped candy corn pumpkin for the beak 😉

I also thought it would be fun to show you the sketches I make to plan out my bentos (sorry for the funky colors, it’s a quick phone shot).

Today I used: