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Happy Lunar New Year: The Year of the Sheep

Year of the Sheep Bento | OneCraftyThing.com

Happy Year of the Sheep! 😀 It’s a simple lunch for the preschool kiddo today 🙂 She wanted in on the fun. I thought a smaller Lunchbot box might be appropriate, since this one eats like a bird! Gung hay fat choy!

In this lunch:

Main Two mini peanut butter sandwiches
Sides Part of a banana carved with the year, a nut mix with yogurt covered almonds, and a couple of chocolate coins.
Also included but not pictured Probiotic strawberry smoothie

Today I used:

The Year of the Horse


Yesterday’s bento celebrated today’s Chinese New Year. Gung hay fat choi! It’s the year of the horse!

Here’s the lunch:

Main PB&J on wheat (crust for the dark part), M&M eyes, nori hair
Sides oranges, strawberries, trail mix
Also included (but not pictured) yogurt

Products included coming soon!

Gung Hay Fat Choy!


A Chinese New Year’s bento! This coming Sunday is the Chinese New Year, so I wanted something that was both a little treat and a little healthy.

Sandwich (Head) PB& blackberry jam; all white parts are marshmallows cut with a cloud shapped cutter; eyes are green jelly Lifesavers with green M&Ms inside, topped with fruit leather eyes (also with black circle sprinkle and non-pareil eye highlight); nose is a Now & Later fruit chew, the nostrils are (American) Smarties with red fruit leather; whiskers are part of a blue sour belt; red tongue/lips/etc. are fruit leather.
Sides (Body) Mandarin oranges with grapes.
Extras (not pictured) a banana and yogurt