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The Dollhouse Furniture Continued…

I’m bound and determined to get some of the more fun projects done with Kindergarten Kiddo around this week. So I tried to finish up the furniture in their dollhouse (see previous dollhouse kitchen post here) … only to be put back in the dollhouse furniture making business a half-hour after these pictures were taken… obviously I need to make these things more Preschool Kiddo proof 😛 Among the casualties were part of the stove and the utter annihilation of the bunk bed.

The whole dollhouse:

Living room, now with art on the walls and a TV (with TiVo!)dollhouseliving

Bedroom with bunk bed, wall portrait, desk with chair, nightstand & lamp:

Le Toilet! Literally, a toilet, a “Jacuzzi tub”, wall mirror and sink: dollhousebathroom

Oh well, at least I have pictures. Back to the workroom.