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A Mermaid and her Pearl


Today’s mermaid bento gave me a chance to do a couple of things: first, it was a chance for me to use two different cutters to bring them together to form something else. I’m always looking to see how I can get more mileage out of my cutters, so here I used a Lunch Punch fish cutter (cut out only one fish) and then a gingerbread man cookie cutter of the same size for the top. The second thing was to use the almond scales again! Last time when I did the fish bento, I didn’t completely cover the tail with the almonds. This time, though, I really wanted a full-scale effect. My favorite part of this bento? The fennel greens as hair — I think it makes her look more like a sea witch, which is more my thing, anyhow.

Sandwich PB& Blackberry Jam; fennel greens for the hair, heart and round sprinkles for the eyes and mouth and bra, almond slivers for the scales.
Sides Goldfish crackers, of course! The “pearl” is actually a fruit called longan that my kiddo adores — not very common but similar to lychee.

Today I used: