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First Day of School Owl Lunches

First Day of School Owl | OneCraftyThing.Com

First Day of School Owl | OneCraftyThing.Com
This last Wednesday was the first day that I packed lunch for two. My kiddos are growing up and two are in elementary school now! *sniff* For the first day of school, I made wise little owls 🙂 You’ll see that one is packed in an EasyLunchbox and the other in a Lunch Bot… because one kid eats like an adult and the other… like a bird!

In today’s lunch:

Main  PB&J Sandwich with yogurt raisins/ pistachios. I used Ritz crackers for the eyes and M&Ms for the pupils (held to the sandwich with a dab of peanut butter). One cashew for a beak. The one for the big kiddo also has half of a granola bar and extra cashews for claws.
Sides Strawberries and grapes. The flowers are made out of wafer paper; I bought these in Italy and can’t find an inexpensive alternative here in the US 🙁
Also included but not pictured Water

Today, I used (please disable AdBlock to see what tools I used for this bento):

The Chilly Owl

owl Yesterday’s lunch was inspired by the cold weather we’ve been having in California. A chilly little owl! We’re freezing our palm trees off here in Cali, and so a little owl with a scarf (I suppose she could’ve been dressed warmer but this IS California) was perfect. She’s wintery and the trail mix and strawberries (supposed ot look like holly) were a nod to the holiday season. In this bento:

Main PB&J on whole wheat white; her little scarf is fruit leather, her eyes are mini oreos (with black dragee sprinkles), her beak is an almond and her feet are dried mango.
Sides Strawberries and trail mix (with holly sprinkles)
Also included (but not pictured) yogurt and a couple of clementines

Today I used:

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