A Kiss-and-Make-Up Bento


I must admit, yesterday was a sort of tense day in the house. I had to work in my office and my husband was taking care of our kiddos. The Preschool Kiddo was just coming off of being sick and was extra super clingy. The Baby Kiddo is, well, a baby — although he will sit by himself pretty relaxed, he still needs to be held and tended sometimes, which is difficult when the other one is stuck to you like glue. My sweet husband did tend to them both though (plus got a couple of important house tasks done) and was doing a pretty good job. This situation wears down even the most patient of parents, though; and add a third child — well, soon you have a screaming baby, a tantrumy Preschooler and a Kindergarten Kiddo with hurt feelings. I wish I could say that when I got off work I was patient and helpful, but honestly, I was just thinking I needed to finish some paperwork to finish my job and then log onto work again to answer some questions. And by the time I got off work it was dinner time, Kiddos were hungry, tired, and crazy — I was grumpy I couldn’t get my work done, they were wound-up, husband was tired… well, short tempers all around. I won’t lie. There was yelling. There were frustrated “ARGHs.” There were unkind words from all parties involved, to all parties involved.

In the end, it was one of those days.

At bed time, Kindergarten Kiddo confided in her dad that she felt we were all being mean to her last night. And when he told me, I felt rotten. I didn’t want to be mean. I didn’t want her to feel that people were being mean to her in her own home. I wanted to say I was sorry but when he told me, we were two hours past bedtime.

I felt I needed to make amends. Right that minute.

So I made a Kiss-and-Make-Up Bento — very late at night, since I couldn’t sleep. It looks like a Valentine’s Day bento with all the hearts and love, but really that’s all I wanted to give her. Hearts and love. We did make up this morning with hugs, and I showed her the bento I made last night. And today there were soft whispers (so as to not wake the baby!) There were walk by kisses. There were gentle words.

And a happy kiddo and a slightly sleep-deprived but happier mom.

Sandwich PB&J stamped with a *heart* you sandwich stamp I got from Target’s Dollar Spot
Sides Strawberry cut into a heart; apples cut into hearts; craisins skewered on heart food picks.

Today I used:

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