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A Silhouette


I made this for my preschool kiddo’s birthday. Ok, so her birthday was in August but we were in Italy and I didn’t want to haul a project along that I was only going to be bringing back in its same state (also, I didn’t want the glass in the frame to break). It’s similar to her sister’s but instead I decided to go with a slightly different approach as I was really inspired by silhouettes cut by hand that they do at Disneyland. I am not as skilled to do it in minutes but I did free-hand cut it from a picture of my kiddo. Took me about 20 minutes to cut and refine. I think another good way of doing it might be taking a picture of the profile on cardstock and then using it as a template to cut in your black paper. Or easier yet, just paint the back of the profile picture in black! Easy as pie, but I really wanted to learn from the manual technique so I did it old school. I also took the matt out of the frame in order to doodle on it and just basically did whatever came to me. It was calming and fun and I think a whole other look to portraits 🙂