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A Silhouette


I made this for my preschool kiddo’s birthday. Ok, so her birthday was in August but we were in Italy and I didn’t want to haul a project along that I was only going to be bringing back in its same state (also, I didn’t want the glass in the frame to break). It’s similar to her sister’s but instead I decided to go with a slightly different approach as I was really inspired by silhouettes cut by hand that they do at Disneyland. I am not as skilled to do it in minutes but I did free-hand cut it from a picture of my kiddo. Took me about 20 minutes to cut and refine. I think another good way of doing it might be taking a picture of the profile on cardstock and then using it as a template to cut in your black paper. Or easier yet, just paint the back of the profile picture in black! Easy as pie, but I really wanted to learn from the manual technique so I did it old school. I also took the matt out of the frame in order to doodle on it and just basically did whatever came to me. It was calming and fun and I think a whole other look to portraits 🙂

Field Trip Day!

Today the Kindergarten Kiddo had her very first field trip, for which I was chaperoning. Although they didn’t have to bring a bag lunch, they were required to carry their lunch bags with them all day long and I knew that was just asking for it to get lost. So I made a special lunch bag to take on the field trip with everything being disposable, from the plastic container (a re-used deli meat container) to the paper cupcake cups (which actually were not very good at keeping the food apart this time, but the pistachios and the crackers were dry so it wouldn’t have been such a bad thing if the kiddo hadn’t accidentally dropped water into the container! Oops.) And I thought to keep it simple since it was such an exciting day already. I did take my creative impulse out on the lunch bag but alas, she didn’t notice the bag really– too much excitement from her first ride on a school bus and being at a zoo with her school friends. Ahh well. Here is our simple lunch:


And here is the lunch bag. I admit I was inspired by this guy; I just did it my own way.

Sandwich Almond Butter and Jam (we’re getting fancy!) cut with a butterfly cutter.
Sides Goldfish crackers and pistachios; little box of raisins.

Today I used: