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Octopus, Octopus, lurking in the water bento



A friend of mine gave cookie cutters as a party favor for her son’s birthday and this awesome octopus was one of them. It’s adorable! So I had to make a lunch out of it. It’s not the first time I’ve done an under-the-sea type of lunch (and most likely not the last!) but it was simple and easy to do with a few little details to make it fun. I made a simple tutorial for the squid here, so that you too can recreate this lunch!

Main PB&J Octopus. His tentacle-suckers were little pieces of cereal that I stuck in between the sandwich. It was tasty and it gave a plain cookie-cutter sandwich some nice detail, along with the candy eyes. I just broke the little cereals in two to get such even suckers.
Sides Goldfish crackers (naturally) and strawberry squid (tute here) on black grapes. The eye on the squid was just a little piece of bread on which I colored an eye with an edible marker.
Also included but not pictured Yogurt

For this lunch, I used:

At the Bottom of the Ocean


This bento was actually done on yesterday because I woke up super early and had time. This section’s theme in Kindergarten is ocean animals so I thought I would do a ocean floor theme. I’m particularly in love with the strawberry squid! It was so easy and I think I know how to improve it (for the next time I randomly need another strawberry squid, you know). The cheese originally was just plain but K-Kiddo decided it looked like an eel, so I stuck an eye on it last minute and it became an eel, lol. Had I her imagination, I would’ve made it look more eel-like! I am also particularly happy that I managed to NOT make a sandwich lunch, for variety 🙂

Included Banana bread “reef” and goldfish crackers; strawberry squid with candy eye and blueberry water; fresh mozarella stick eel with candy eye

Edit: I made up a quick tute on how to cut the squid. It’s pretty simple, but I think it ends up pretty cute!

Step 1: Using a paring knife, cut off strawberry tops of one large and one slightly smaller strawberry.
Step 2: Cut smaller strawberry from the bottom up to about a quarter inch from the top. These are your “arms”/tentacles — fan them out as soon it’s cut.
Step 3: Cut two small “wings” toward the bottom of the larger strawberry — these are the arrow-like part of the squid.
Step 4: Arrange on blueberries so that the tops are facing each other. “Glue” eye to strawberry using frosting or peanut butter.


Today I used: