Three days to St. Patrick’s Day Bento


With three days until St. Patty’s, I thought a bento to commemorate was in order! In the full sized Steeltainer container, the Kindergarten Kiddo got a shamrock (PB&J) sandwich along with a couple of little treats — some gold coins and a third of a rainbow sour belt! Despite the little bits of candy making up some of this bento, most of her lunches are fairly healthy. For sides today, she had a stick of fresh mozarella and a little bowl of green grapes.


My Preschooler Kiddo often talks about how I only make “pretty lunches” for her sister and it’s true; Preschool Kiddo gets her lunch from the preschool, so there is no need to pack a lunch for her. I think that makes her feel left out so since she doesn’t have school today, I packed her this extra little bento (in the snack size Steeltainer ) with my shamrock scraps.

On to the details!

Sandwich PB& Jam as usual. I’ve been trying to include other types of non-sandwich lunches on non-bento days and sometimes they get eaten and sometimes not… still experimenting. To build the four-leaf clover, I just cut hearts up and gave them a smaller heart-shaped “window.” The peanut butter has a little green food coloring and the jam is on the inside part of the window part of the sandwich, so that it doesn’t show through. Nesting heart cutters were perfect for this! The little four leaf clover was made of my window scraps.

Sides In the large bento, a sandwich ball wrapped with a Rainbow Sour Belt and 3 chocolate coins (the funny thing about these coins is that they’re actually not just generic coins but in fact they’re Euros! That cracks me up.) Not pictured in the large bento are the extra green grapes and the stick of fresh mozarella that I put in her lunch as well.

In the small bento, a cutie orange broken up into the classic orange flower, with a green grape middle.

Today I used:

St Patricks Day Theme Food - Fun Bento Lunch

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